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Looking for a DJ
  1. Personality - There are many types of DJ's for you to choose from. Let's start with the three most common personalities.

    1. Low Key - The DJ just plays the music and makes necessary announcements.
    2. Average - The DJ gets a bit involved with motivating your guests by using the microphone or by passing out party props, if available, for your guests to use and have fun with.
    3. Outgoing - The DJ really gets really involved by going out onto the dancefloor maybe to teach you & your guests the electric slide, etc., pass out party props and/or more. This DJ is out involved with the crowd either over the microphone, on the dancefloor, or both.

    Whatever personality type you decide to go with, make sure you ask questions on what exactly you'll be getting. Each DJ is unique with their own styles and personalities.

  2. Music & Equipment - When hiring a DJ, you'll want to make sure they use professional grade DJ equipment. So what do you do? Ask them. If you are familiar with their answers, you might be suspect, since most professional grade musical equipment is not sold at your local appliance store. Why does it have to be professional equipment and what are some of the professional name brands? Well, most professional grade equipment is built to withstand the constant strains of weekly mobile DJ party's. Also, it can give you the needed power to be able to give you a quality sound that you and your guests will enjoy assuming the DJ is also using digital recording sources such as CD's to help bring out that quality sound. (Some of the well known professional DJ equipment is made by Crown, Denon, Peavey, MTX, Gemini, Numark, QSC, American DJ, Martin, Samson, etc.) Along with the equipment, you'll want to make sure they have the type of music your looking for. Some DJ's provide song lists of their complete music library for you to preview and some only give you a sampling. Either way you go, make sure they have the type of music varieties you want for you and your guests. Some DJ's may also assist in helping you find a particular song you may be looking for. Just ask!

  3. Options - Options! Life is full of them and with DJ's you just have some more of them. Just fun ones! You will find DJ's offering many options to better serve you such as:
    Ethnic Speaking DJ's - Spanish, Polish, German, Italian,and more.
    Lighting - This can help set the mood of your event.
    Party Props - This could range from sombreros for the conga line to the construction hats for the Y.M.C.A. This can add more spice to a party!

  4. Back-up - When hiring a DJ, your hiring a human. A human who is susceptible to getting into an accident, sick, etc. Also, even with using professional DJ equipment, mechanical failure can happen. Make sure you are aware of the DJ's backup procedure in the event of such things.

  5. References - A DJ should be able to produce contact information for at least one past client. Also, you may be able to view the DJ by video or at their next performance. This can help to audibly/visually see what your getting! Call your DJ of interest to set a video or a live performance viewing.

  6. Price - (Usually one of the latter things you want to look at.) A DJ with experience or an entertaining personality you like may carry a higher price. Not always the case, but when evaluating DJ's always look for someone you feel comfortable with and can give you what you want. Even if you have to pay a little more, isn't it worth it for a once in a lifetime event?
  7. Contract - So you've finally narrowed it down and are looking to book your DJ. Make sure you get a completed agreement filled out with at least the following information:
    Date & time of event, name of location event is being held at, name of your DJ, pricing for the package you've chosen with full description, hours of music to be played, etc.

You did it! Now enjoy the party, and let your professional do their job!

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